The Business of Being Charming: Service Design for Customer Delight


Do you remember that time when the Royal Bank of Scotland launched the RBS app that gets you emergency cash when you lose your card?

If you’re going to be creative and innovative, aim it toward pleasing your customers, and they’ll love you AND you get more customers. So much hooplah has been around marketing and SEO lately, especially with the new changes from Google and other platform algorithms, that entrepreneurs are so jacked up about marketing and SEO, and forgotten about their customers. Continue reading “The Business of Being Charming: Service Design for Customer Delight” »

Seniorpreneur Tricks: How to Make Money Blogging

November 26th, 2015   |   Posted by
How to make money from blogging

I’ve heard plenty about this from my friends. They know Jan and I make money online. When the subject comes up, there’ usually some sage nodding and admittance that the money is in the Internet now. And then come the questions, “Do you do blogging?” “How do you make money blogging?”

If I had five pounds for every time they asked me that, I’d have a hundred pounds by now. Hey, I’m realistic about numbers! A hundred pounds doesn’t a rich man make either.

Look at this page right now. You see ads on the right, don’t you? That’s it. For my other websites, that’s how I make money as well. Through ads.

But just placing ads doesn’t make money. That’s like placing flour, eggs, sugar and cocoa powder on the table and expecting cookies. You have to put in work! Continue reading “Seniorpreneur Tricks: How to Make Money Blogging” »

Older Entrepreneurs, New Habits: Conditioning for Success

Older Entrepreneurs Conditioning for Success

Older entrepreneurs face a lot of prejudice and plenty of naysayers, especially in this age of digital everything. People think we can’t keep up, or that we should just invest and let the young ones do the job. You know the saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? It annoys me. Not only does it make degrading assumptions, it also conditions a mindset of excuse: I’m old, and my ways are set, and that’s why. Continue reading “Older Entrepreneurs, New Habits: Conditioning for Success” »

Don’t Let Innovation Intimidate You


Probably the first word that comes to mind when someone asks you what’s great about your business is that it’s innovative. You should be careful about using that word nowadays since it doesn’t seem to serve its purpose like it used to.

Innovation used to be the big thing in new businesses. Most companies would claim they are innovative, especially small startups. They want people to know that they are up to date AND fresh. Continue reading “Don’t Let Innovation Intimidate You” »

How Exactly Do Successful Entrepreneurs Use Their Passion?


Passion is always bandied about when it comes to business. Elders always say to the young, “Pursue your passion.” And now for seniorpreneurs, it’s even more prevalent. “Now I’m retired, I’ll be my own boss. I’ll go after my passion.”

But how exactly do you translate passion into success? There’s the rub. And if you’re not successful, did that mean you lacked passion? You just need to get some more? Continue reading “How Exactly Do Successful Entrepreneurs Use Their Passion?” »

7 Easy Tricks to Take Away Your Terror of Speaking


Anecdotal evidence suggests people’s fear of public speaking is so high they would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy when attending a funeral. People would rather die than speak in public!

Consulting and public speaking is one of the top businesses for seniorpreneurs, however. Having seen my peers get rid of this fear, there is still hope for everybody, and you can earn from it! Your age gives you an air of wisdom and reliability.

Like many other ‘fears’, you can tame public speaking and simply turn it less terrifying.
Continue reading “7 Easy Tricks to Take Away Your Terror of Speaking” »