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Thinking about starting your own business or want to grow your existing business but can’t afford the help you need? USource, a digital staffing agency, can help you with everything from paid advertising on Facebook to live chat support.

Usource digital support specialists help you get your time back so you can focus on what’s important and it will be a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

If you want to know more get in contact with USource and start outsourcing by hiring a digital specialist.

USource has over 40 digital staff assisting clients with:

  • Facebook Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Google Adwords
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Posting & Community Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Copywriting
  • Website Fixes & Development
  • Digital Support, Live Chat, Customer Service

How are the Costs Kept So Low?

In the past it was only multi-nationals and large organisations that moved their work offshore and outsourced tasks. Now it’s possible for individuals, start-ups and established businesses to outsource virtually any job or task they can think of. By outsourcing work to locations such as the Philippines you can take advantage of much cheaper wage prices without forgoing quality.

Why the Philippines for Outsourcing?

There is a reason why start-up businesses to large multi-nationals are outsourcing to the Philippines. The cost savings are significant but it doesn’t stop there:

  • Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world
  • 400,000 college graduates produced per year
  • Western-oriented culture

USource assistants are located in the Philippines, however they work with clients all over the world including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries.

Hire Digital Staff

When you hire digital staff from USource you will cut costs, reduce your workload and be able to employ experts without lengthy and confusing employment contracts. Your specialist will work in harmony with you or your existing team. You set the tasks, you set the agenda, you set the requirements. 

See how USource can help you with an outsourcing solution and virtual staff.

Sport’s greatest nameTake right now, for instance. Here I am, trying to punch out the Spray, and all I can hear is Nicole Kidman’s piss poor attempt at a South African accent as the television subjects me to a film o gram called The Interpreter.She is babbling a made up African dialect called “Ku”, interspersed with the worst attempt at South African since Patsy Kensit’s “horf orsed” effort in Lethal Weapon 2.I’m not sure what the Ku translation is for “crap”. I’m positive our Nic has that one at the front of the phrasebook. Should have stuck to “diplomatic immunity”.Luckily, there are times when things write themselves. Sometimes characters in sport loom so large they do all the hard work for you.Sometimes, just sometimes, there are people named Napoleon Einstein.Ladies and gents, meet Napoleon Einstein, the Indian under 19 all rounder and proud owner of the best name in sport. I think we may almost be dealing with an all time pound for pounder here.

For the record, Einstein is a talented and hard working rising star who idolises Anil Kumble and was part of India’s champion under 19 World Cup team.

He has a poor grasp of advanced quantum mechanics and has yet to extend his empire beyond his kit bag, not that he doesn’t have ambition.

In saying that, neither of his namesakes scored 92 playing for Tamil Nadu against Assam in the Ranji Trophy one day tournament, so I’d call that all square in the achievement stakes.

Exactly how Napoleon earned his memorable moniker is a complete mystery. Even the internet doesn’t seem to know, so that leads me to wonder whether there is an answer at all. Any ideas out there? Come on Indian fans I know you tune in from time to time.

The “why” doesn’t matter. It’s the “is” that counts. And you don’t have to be Einstein to work out that Napoleon “is” the owner of sport’s best name.

This is lofty praise indeed. The challengers will come thick and fast and are many and varied. Sporting history is littered with worthy challengers.

Take former Philadelphia 76er World B Free, a personal favourite. Or South African rugby player Wylie Human. David Brain, the former Zimbabwean quick, was literally the thinking man’s fast bowler.

Staying in cricket, I’m not sure what I like about the name Bevan Congdon, the respected Kiwi all rounder, but it’s always been near the top of my list. Maybe it’s because he’s one of the few Kiwis not called Hamish or Lance.

Closer to home, Fuifui Moimoi has a hypnotising ring to it that makes you want to say it over and over again. Fuifui Moimoi. Fuifui Moimoi. You try it.

And I can’t think of a single thing wrong with the name Cooper Cronk. Once in an interview, I asked Cronk about his name, professing my deep admiration for his parents for bestowing such a cracker. He politely and justifiably excused himself from the conversation soon after.

What about how Jason Death convinced the world his last name was pronounced “Deeth”? Surely if you are called Death you’d run with it. “Hello, this is Death (giggle giggle)”. I really fail to see how that could get old.

America has given us a ball park of entries like Dick Butkus (butt kiss), the gridiron champion, and the rather earthy baseballer Wade Boggs, straight from the trailer park to you.

But I really dare anyone to beat Napoleon Einstein. Any takers?

How can you go past US swimmer Misty Hyman? I think it was an Adam Hills gag, but if you’re last name is Hyman ond’t call your child an adjective! Thank God the parents of former England goalkeeper David Seaman didn’t fall into the same trap.

I’m told that there was an English football player with the name Pull Dickoff. It was too amusing to ever go down the road of proving or disproving the accuracy of that some things are better left untouched.

Paul Dickov used to play for Rovers. “Pull duckoff” is obviously the literal translation. And how could I forget Misty Hyman. Doing?

I recall a Nigerian (I think) runner named Innocent Egbunike, a Commonwealth Games weightlifter named Ironbar Bassey, and a Super 14 player from South Africa named Baywatch Grobbelaar. And let’s not forget former Brothers, Qld and Wallaby player, the magnificent Dick Cocks!

A contemporary of Bevan Congdon’s in the NZ cricket team was allrounder, Bob Cunis. And on the “neiither one nor the other” point I’ve also got a bit of a fascination with “first name last names”. Blokes like John Terry or Michael Owen, with interchangeable names. You can make whole teams out of them.

Comments about Bevan Congdon came after I had researched his heroics in one of the greatest near victories in recent cricket history. Well back in 1971, the reverse was wholesale jerseys true. They had scored 97 in their first innings of the first test against their northern hemisphere cousins and were set 479 to win in the last innings. I listened to the chase and recall a freak dismissal whereby Richard Hadlee’s brother, Dayle cheap wholesale jerseys lost his ‘black cap’ while batting and it dislodged the bails, to cost him his wicket. Bevan Congdon scored 176 and the chase fell 38 runs short of the target. Almost a case of stealing victory from the jaws of defeat. Bevan made a pig of himself by scoring 175 in cheap jerseys the second test, out of a total of 550.

My grandfather was a scientist,” says Einsten. “He wrote a letter to Albert Einstein and even got a reply from him. I’ve got no idea [what the letter was about] even though I’ve read it. My mother was a physics graduate and she teaches Physics in one of the schools. wholesale jerseys china So I’m Einstein. Napoleon is my father’s name.

“We don’t believe in God. In our family, we’re rationalists. Other people are named Krishna and Ram after Gods, so we were named Einstein and Napoleon after great people.”Articles Connexes:

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the NHL has Brice McCain m authentic jersey always had players willing to fight, the 70s and 80s were characterized by line brawls, bench clearing incidents and infamous scenes in which the violence spread to the stands and inspired (and may have been inspired by) the movie Slap Shot. However, as the NHL tried to reduce the bad press created by the brawling of the previous era, prize fights were encouraged. The evolution of physicality in the NHL in the late 1980s and 1990s was defined by the enforcer. This was the era of the Chuck Norris division, the nickname given to the Norris division because every team boasted big name enforcers (Bob Probert and Joey Kocur in Detroit, Mike Peluso and Bob Probert for the Blackhawks, Basil McRae and Shane Churla in Minnesota, Kelly Chase and Basil McRae for the Blues, and John Kordic, Ken Baumgartner and Tie Domi for the Maple Leafs). Divisional playoff matches served to push these hatreds beyond their boiling points. You could argue that rapid expansion in both eras contributed to
who had moved to rival Home Shopping Network QVC sues former TV sales host over e mail pitch The suit alleges Kathy Levine, who had moved to rival Home Shopping Network, violated her contract when she e mailed former QVC viewers with HSN deals. Levine, once the darling of QVC, is now the target of a lawsuit filed by the TV home shopping behemoth. QVC Inc. sued Levine on Friday, claiming that when she defected to QVC’s “principal competitor,” the Home Shopping Network, she took more than her celebrity status with her. The suit claims that Levine, formerly a senior program host known for her breezy banter, misappropriated and exploited QVC’s confidential customer information in violation of her contract. The stakes are high in the competitive venue of TV retailing. In fact, the HSN Web site proudly touts Levine’s “wealth of knowledge” about the industry in welcoming her to its electronic kingdom. But it’s wealth of a different kind that the rivals really covet. QVC said