No Age Range in Ambition, Is There?

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Say ‘retirement’ and gardens and holidays spring to mind. No more having to clock in. Hours to suit. Indulging and spoiling grandchildren–or perhaps becoming the glorified minder of little ones during weekends and then sighing in relief and missing them as soon as they’ve been bundled back into their parents’ car.

After the monotony and drudgery of daily work during your younger days, it’s only right to see retirement as a rest.

But in this age of information and instant everything, more and more over-65s take advantage and combine ‘rest’ with a second shot at what they might have missed out on, either through obligation or lack of foresight.

Age comes with wisdom, and wisdom is understanding what you want, or even something you’ve always wanted and only realised now.

What’s in your bucket list?

Travelling the world is still the most popular plan, but there’s a large number of retirees who actually plan to dare beyond sky-diving or flying Spitfires.

YouGov’s survey for Centra Pulse, maker of devices targeted for older people, showed that their participant’s bucket lists involve taking hold of the future in the long-term.

Falling in love, finishing a degree, learning a new language or sport (swmming or golf), and perfecting skills in painting and horticulture are all rather a bit adventurous already, but even more so with plans of mastering stock trading, making big investments, buying and selling, and emigrating. Novel-writing also takes time, but it’s quite mild by comparison.

What do YOU plan to do? Dame Judi Dench, 79, learns a new poem or word every day. Sir Tony Robinson has dreams of becoming a renowned professional gambler.

On that note, isn’t gambling so much better than spending? Not the kind of gambling that would only inevitably end in ruin anyway. But gambling in adventure. Like taking on a business. Spend your money on holidays and you get returns through the good feeling you get from your travels. Use your money on a business and you just might get a return of investment, not only with interest, but doubled or even tripled, if you’re smart about it!

I’m in my 70s. If I answered the survey about 10 years ago, the bulk of my bucket list would have been family-centred, eating and drinking (only a little) and rest and recreation. But now that I’ve had those, here I am, taking advantage of this new age where everything could be at your fingertips, literally. It also helps that my age gives me an air of expertise.

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A Second Youth

Speaking of expertise, the same goes for romance. See: There’s none of the tiresome dance and bait that goes on between younger men and women. My wife gets silly over the success stories in Mature Match. Men and women find each other online, see if they suit within a few exchanges of messages, meet, talk, and continue to meet. Sometimes they marry. Sometimes there’s simply great friendship, or several of them. We no longer suffer non-sense, do we? Although from what Jan has told me, non-sense if also perfectly acceptable when it comes to love. I wonder if that’s a hint aimed at me.

Many over-65s want most of all to see their families settled, but at the same time ready to stir things up where they themselves are concerned. I like this ambition and taste for adventure. Road and train trips across America and Europe are great fun, but they rather pale when side by side with becoming your own boss, holding all the reins, calling all the shots.

Centra Pulse says in their survey that, “Today’s over-65s have a set of ambitions that would put most twenty-somethings to shame. It’s so important that they are given access to the right support which will help them achieve their dreams.”

I started this website with a mission to be just such a support base, and it’s a bonus when the support started coming in. We have time and experience. Funds just make things a bit easier and smoother sailing, but it’s mettle and intelligence that starts and fuels this second youth.

So, what’s your plan? Don’t keep it to yourself! Write it down somewhere, tell your partner, whisper it to your grandkid. Put it out there (perhaps comment down below!) and commit.


Breaking the stigma that us oldies can't adapt to change one article at a time. Seniorpreneurs are rewriting the rules. Watch us redefine history, again.

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