Who’s Harry

We ask questions together. We learn together. We share together. We have plenty of accumulated knowledge and life skills. Let’s turn our ideas in to thriving businesses!

Seniorpreneur Harry ParkerHi, I’m Harry Parker. Like most people I enjoy the idea of a quiet retirement, but not too quiet. I still have all this energy and enthusiasm to take on new challenges… One of them is running my own business.

Like many people around my age we are redefining what retirement is all about. Our generation is not satisfied with just sitting around waiting for time to pass. We’re breaking the rules and making our latter years mean something.

We can put our knowledge, our skills and our experience to good use. In my case, like many other seniorpreneurs, we are creating our own business ventures.

Seniorpreneur is a forum to share practical tips on how to create and grow a business online. You will learn how to take your business from an idea to a full-functioning website and beyond.

It’s is also an experiment for me. Like yours, this all came from an idea. I’m going to detail step-by-step what I did to get my website online, what steps I take to grow the business and I’m also going to tell you how much money the website makes.

As the internet, and this website, evolve I will test what the “boffins” of the online world say works. I’ll be the guinea pig, the lab rat, the test subject so you can gain insight in to what works, and what doesn’t.

Don’t be an Island

Sure you can try and work things out yourself, but that takes time, effort and even then you still might get the wrong result. By sharing our knowledge and experience we can greatly help our fellow mature entrepreneurs. Lets reduce the learning curve and share our skills.

The Parkers

Jan Parker

You might have already bumped in to my wife, Jan Parker, over at Seniors Discounts—she’s now their resident bargain hunter! We’re a fictional family enjoying new pursuits, breaking boundaries and embracing what retirement has to offer.

Like me she’s not interested in just sitting around at home, although we do enjoy it from time to time. When she’s not helping out at Seniors Discounts you can find her in the garden, attending her weekly yoga class or helping out with our five grand children.

As for me, I’m usually doing what Jan tells me. After 40 years of marriage I’m well versed in the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” Jokes aside I’ve always been a tinkerer. Seniorprenuer is my new hotbed for tinkering. I’ll share the roadmap to living a rewarding retirement through creating an online business, which you can do too. So join me, leverage your life and create the retirement you imagined.

Did you notice my profile image at the top of the page? Impressive, right? You can critique the work yourself, but if you’re looking for an artist, graphic or logo designer at an affordable price I recommend crowdsourcing your design work with 99designs or DesignCrowd. Otherwise, use an outsourcing sites like Freelancer. Read how I successfully outsourced my logo design.

Harry Parker Portrait Presentation

You can get in touch with me at Hello Harry.

Harry Parker Signature

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